The Famous Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong

The last time my husband and I visited Hong Kong, our good friends took us to a famous floating restaurant.

The big dining area was full of people but our hosts managed to find a table by the window. The serene river was very relaxing to see.

In few hours we forgot we were in a busy city. It was a good time to enjoy the company of friends.

Our friends fed us with the food close to their heart. Ahhh, those were the food we used to enjoy when we lived in China. We savored them with much delight not just because of the taste but of the warm Chinese hospitality that was shown to us.

When visiting Hongkong, look for Star Seafood Floating Restaurant in Sha Tin. Aside from really delicious food, they have beautiful window views, too.



Japanese Food

 I never get tired of eating Japanese food. There is a Japanese resto near our place. The price is reasonable and so this is our favorite destination whenever my husband and I would go for a lunch date.

We always order a set with a bowl of rice and miso soup. This is my husband's latest order: a set with shrimp tempura, yakizakana or grilled fish (saba), and chawanmushi, a savory steamed egg custard that usually contains pieces of shrimp, crab or fish cake.

Mine was a set of fish(dory) teriyaki with grilled veggies and mushroom on the side. It goes well with my bowl of vegetable salad and tsukemono or pickled carrot.


Ice Cream: All-Time Favorite Dessert

I believe, ice cream is the most popular dessert anywhere in the world. It's one dessert that is liked in most, if not all, culture.It varies though in the presentation, how it is served or eaten.

Here in Bangkok, where humidity and heat are sometimes "unbearable", ice cream and such cold desserts are really famous. Last week, I had a "Nutty Basket" and was quite well-pleased. It had all the creamy and nutty goodness that I liked plus the sweetness of fresh banana, the crunchiness of the thin wafer and choco-stick. and was delightfully topped with cherry. Such a creative presentation for less that 2USD!


Luuk Chuup: Popular Thai Sweets

Luuk Chuup sold at the market in Chantaburi, Thailand.

This colorful sweets are really attractive! This is our family favorite since the time we first visited Thailand.  It's amazing how they are intricately formed into various shapes of fruits and vegetables. Thai people's creativity, gentleness, and passion for beauty are really demonstrated in the way these Thai sweets are made! Although they all taste the same but eating them can really be interesting as you enjoy them piece by piece.

Luuk chuup is made mainly of ground beans sweetened with sugar and cooked with coconut milk. It is wrapped with gelatin with jasmine extract, thus it is also fragrant.  It is not only delicious but also high in protein and carbohydrates.