No Longer Have To Be Lost In Translation

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My last trip to Bangladesh was only for week but, still, I found it helpful to learn few useful Bengali phrases to help make that important connection with the local people. I only need to sit down with my local friend and had her teach me for less than an hour. My little notebook then became handy as I traveled around the country.

But what about if you've moving long-term to a new country with a different language from your own? That's another story, and I had mine to share as I've moved to live in 3 different countries already and have done formal studies for 3 languages: Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu, and Thai.

On the first 2 weeks we arrived in China, we stayed in a hotel while we searched for an apartment.  My heart would leap each time I hear a knock on the door. I didn't want to answer the door. On the second week everybody sounded like buzzing bees to me!   I'm no longer hearing words or even syllables. Nobody spoke English and I felt so lost in translation! Culture shock had started to sink in. Thank God, soon I was able to enroll myself in a formal class where I had to attend daily. Language Learning is not easy but can be a lot of fun, too. Once you get at least the basic of the local language, life overseas becomes more meaningful and less stressful. The more language I study, the less difficult it becomes.

But then, there are those who don't want to go through the pain of studying another language, or even if they do, they don't have the time to do it.  Well, they have the choice really not to because they can get translations services when necessary. I know of friends who thrive in another country without learning the language and they do as well.


Countryside Holiday

I took this photo in July 2011 when we drove to the countryside for a day of rest.

I live in one of the largest city in the world, and I work very hard. Though  love my life in the city and my work, I crave for a countryside holiday from time to time. This time, I pray for a real long break!

Life in a big city, though fast and convenient, sucks a lot of my natural energy. It's not just the demand from work but more so the noise and air pollution; not to mention the morally polluted sights you get to see everyday in a fast-growing modern city. Do I need to mention the heavy traffic jam, too? You bet, I'm sounding really needing a break ASAP!

I took this photo when I thought I lost my daughter and her Dad
until I found them on this boat.
Now that school holiday is coming up, it would be the best time to plan a family get-away. I know the children are needing it as much as I do. They surely want to forget school for a bit and just had fun out in the sun or spending lazy days indoor with lots of movies to watch and board games to win. My children love school but I think they like school holidays more :-)

My littlest girl always finds nature amusing.
Holiday doesn't have have to be expensive. It only needs careful and creative planning, and if you're resourceful, you'll find inexpensive deals for holiday cottages. Even if you couldn't find cheaper deals, I'm sure you and your family deserve the most expensive holiday you can afford. And I'm trying to convince myself here.

"Rest when you're weary. 
Refresh and renew yourself, your
body, your mind, your spirit. 
Then get back to work."

-- Ralph Marston