Next Destination: Orlando Florida

I never dreamed of going to Disneyland but my sweet husband surprised me by securing 2 tickets for my 40th birthday. So we went and had fun. I thought it was a good way of saying goodbye to the younger half of my life.

My daughters were more excited to hear that we were actually in Disneyland when we called them. They thought we were only on a business trip to Hong Kong. I thought so, too. But life is indeed full of surprises!

Hopefully, we'll be able to take the girls with us so they also get to meet Belle and Aurora, and other Disney characters on our next trip. This time I would not be surprised if I found myself in Disney World in Orlando Florida. Aside from the fact that I have friends and relatives to visit there, I found out via Facebook that there are lots of things to do in Florida. So that's not an odd thing to start thinking about it now and checking Orlando Hotels for our future accommodation. Dreaming is a good thing!

While waiting to get to our next destination, let me share some photos from our trip to Disneyland Resort in Hong Kong.

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  1. What a lovely surprise for your birthday. I am at last back blogging on Travel Tales.