Halo-Halo: Famous Dessert in the Philippines

Chowkings' famous halo-halo

If Malaysia has ais kacang, Korea has patbingsu and Japan has kakigori, Philiipines has "halo-halo". "Halo" ( hah-lo) in Filipino means "mix" , and if you google the 2 other shaved ice dessert mentioned earlier, you would agree that "halo-halo" has the richest mixture, that's why it's called halo-halo or mix-mix in literal translation. It is a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk added with boiled sweetened beans, banana, sago, macapuno, jackfruit, pinipig, and topped with leche flan, purple yam and/or  ice cream. Nothing can be richer than that!

So, whenever in the Philippines, don't forget to order this sweet treat. It helps in beating the heat.


  1. oh, even in this rainy weekend, I suddenly crave for one :)


  2. yummy halo-halo! :-)I love to eat the ice cream and the leche flan. :)

  3. yum, am drooling and am hungry too, missed that halo2x, my Mom's favorite place to go and to eat, cannot wait to bring her soon, visiting from YS, hope you can visit me here too

  4. i miss this soooooooo bad:(

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  5. i love my halo halo without ice cream though. but i want a bigger portion of the leche flan and ube..

    visiting via Yummy Sunday

  6. i agree, its really yummy...miss ko na din ang halo-halo. katakam! anyway, visiting super late from last week's YS, have a great week. :)