Hot Pot, Shabu-Shabu and Mukata

Korean-Japanese Style complete with sushi bar, tempura and kimchi. 
MK, Sukishi, Shabushi, Sukiyaki. They come in different names but the theme is almost the same. This eat-all-you- can style of buffet is famous very famous in Bangkok. People line up and wait for their number to be called for seating. One may have to wait for two hours especially on paydays. It's not cheap (around 10USD/pax) but if you are a hearty eater, this is the best place to be. With fresh meat, seafood and veggies plus bottomless drinks, fresh fruits and ice cream for dessert, and other delicious pre-cooked dishes, I guess the price is right, only there's a time limit. You can enjoy all these for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Charcoal for grill meat and seafood and boiling veggies, or however you like it!
The one in second photo is better than the first because it has a grill for your meat. At this particular restaurant, they use charcoal instead of electric hot plate so the price is a bit more. I didn't notice the difference though, and they have more meat than veggies and fruit so I would not recommend this place. I didn't even remember the name of the place!

Thai Style called "Mukata". 
If you want to enjoy good food without hurting your budget, Thai local counterpart, Mukata, is the answer. It's the goodness of the first 2 options combined. It's not only the cheapest but they also have delicious Thai dishes on the side.


  1. I ate at MK when we were in Bangkok last year. There are so many of them! Anyway, the food was great, we enjoyed it all especially the shabu shabu.

    Stopping by from Food Trip Friday!

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    Like your sites by the way. Gaganda ng photos!

  3. I have to try korean food more often aside from their instant noddles. :)

  4. OMG! Food overload! I wanted to try shabu-shabu but I don't know how. My friends haven't tried it yet. Such a shame since I love Korean and Japanese foods. :(

    Visiting via Food Trip Friday.