Ice Cream: All-Time Favorite Dessert

I believe, ice cream is the most popular dessert anywhere in the world. It's one dessert that is liked in most, if not all, culture.It varies though in the presentation, how it is served or eaten.

Here in Bangkok, where humidity and heat are sometimes "unbearable", ice cream and such cold desserts are really famous. Last week, I had a "Nutty Basket" and was quite well-pleased. It had all the creamy and nutty goodness that I liked plus the sweetness of fresh banana, the crunchiness of the thin wafer and choco-stick. and was delightfully topped with cherry. Such a creative presentation for less that 2USD!


  1. Hi Ruth, the Nutty Basket made me crave for ice cream!

  2. HI Ruth... it's the yummiest too... but I don;t buy often because kids here are very vulnerable to 'ubo'... heheh :) dropping by for YM.

  3. Very elegant and tasty sweets ideal for these festive days!

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