The Famous Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong

The last time my husband and I visited Hong Kong, our good friends took us to a famous floating restaurant.

The big dining area was full of people but our hosts managed to find a table by the window. The serene river was very relaxing to see.

In few hours we forgot we were in a busy city. It was a good time to enjoy the company of friends.

Our friends fed us with the food close to their heart. Ahhh, those were the food we used to enjoy when we lived in China. We savored them with much delight not just because of the taste but of the warm Chinese hospitality that was shown to us.

When visiting Hongkong, look for Star Seafood Floating Restaurant in Sha Tin. Aside from really delicious food, they have beautiful window views, too.



  1. i miss siopao (or meat bun)! visiting from FTF!

  2. Thanks for sharing about this. We have chinese restaurants here in our area but nothing beats the taste of the foods in a place where it originated. Yummy!

  3. I will keep your tip in mind when we go there next year.

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