Birthday Celebration: Filipino Way

Our family has been away from our own country for 13 years now, and so when my husband had his birthday few days ago, we were so blessed that we were able to celebrate it in a traditional way.

Early in the morning, friends came to awaken the celebrator with songs of blessings and encouragement.

Friends and family singing songs by the stairs waiting for the celebrator to come down.
After the singing, we gathered around and read verses from the Bible for encouragement and guidance.

Fresh from bed but still attentive to the reading of verses from the Bible.
Then, we all had our breakfast together. Friends brought "kakanin" served with hot coffee and hot chocolate.

In the evening, more friends joined us for the celebration. We served dishes that we used to enjoy back home.

L-R, shrimp and mango salad, grilled fish, sauteed shrimp, Goldilocks mocha cake,
friend spring roll, buttered mussels, and pancit (Filipino friend noodles)

This is the way we celebrate birthdays back home. How about in your culture?



  1. waking up the b-day celebrator early morning through songs is called maƱanita here in our place. i celebrated my b-day like that once...i miss it.

    Have a nice Friday! I hope you could visit over at my blog and have a slice of Cafe's Isabel's BananaCake

  2. Sarap ng food! Happy belated birthday to your hubby!

  3. wow, ang galing naman ng celebration. it started from the morning till in the evening. visiting from FTF. Hope to see you at my blog.

  4. Nothing relaly beat the birthday celebration,Pinoy Style!!!

  5. wow! what a joyful celebration and delish foods
    :-) Dropping some love for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the favor too.