We Love Roti, Curry, and Nasi Beriani

One good thing about traveling is the opportunity of enjoying the local food.

Our family have lived in 4 different countries and 3 of those have spicy local food. So my children have learned not to be picky with food. They eat whatever is served on the table, although they have their own favorites. One of the family favorite is a curry dish, anything with curry. I always serve roti with chicken curry dip for breakfast.

This picture was taken during our last trip to Penang.  Dear Daughter (DD) enjoyed her "roti telur" or roti with egg, dipped in curry sauce.

This one is my favorite; Tandoori Chicken with nan bread and curry sauce. Yum!!!

This one is a sweet treat: "roti tissue". It's a crispy, thin roti topped with condensed milk. Perfect desert after a spicy meal. It's called "tissue" because of its thinness.

This is nasi beriani. We fondly call it yellow rice. I bought packets of beriani mix in Malaysia and my homemade nasi beriani tastes authentic! I served it on banana leaves, topped it with spicy chicken meat floss, and sided it with fresh cucumber and pickled ginger. This dish is best eaten by hand. Yummy!  So even at home it feels like we have traveled again.

Come, let's eat!



  1. I miss Malaysian food! I've only been there twice but I had a wonderful food trip adventure on both occasions. I especially love is laksa and char keuy teuw :D Your nasi beriana looks yummy, too :)

    Queen of Wishful Shrinking

  2. yum...looks very delicious and exotic foods :-) Dropping some love for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can return the favor too


  3. hahaha.. i like that roti tissue.. haha. Visiting from FTF. hope to see you back