Victoria Harbour: Hong Kong

One of my favorite places to visit when I'm in Hong Kong is the Victoria Harbour. This is the usual last destination for me and my husband after all meetings are done. It's such a good place for me to relax and unwind.

I visit Hong Kong almost every year but the sights at this place always fascinate me. There's never a dull moment here. It's always busy yet it is soothing for me. Perhaps it's the salty breeze or the sound of the waves.

I love the amazing display of lights at night but on this particular trip, I enjoyed the sights of ships, junks and ferry boats. 


  1. Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for joining!

    I've been to Hong Kong once and I truly enjoyed my time there.

    Have a good day!

  2. Ang ganda ng view dyan! Been there twice pa lang.

  3. Hi Ruth, thanks for the visit. Yes.. grand mercure yun nun...

    you should roam aroun town when you come back home.. sabihan mu ako ha.. heheh :)

    I should bring my kids here.. kaso one at a time kasi maloka ako sa pamasahe... hahaha..lima kami..lol.

  4. its good to have a place like that in the middle of the city. the sound of the waves will relax you and free you from stress. beautiful photos!


  5. beautiful views of Victoria. Nice shots!visiting thru Tuesday travel here. Mine is up too.

  6. Of course! Hongkong is one of the best destinations in Asia. I must go there one day!

  7. love that colorful boat!
    Visiting from Wednesday White from entry #26! Have a nice day..

    You might want to join Orange Tuesdays open from Tuesday to Saturday.

  8. I like the colourful boats. They made an interesting highlight in the light fog. - Margy

  9. I really love the view from there...and oh, the symphony of lights at night is amazing. Doing my late rounds from TT.
    here is my entry http://momtravelnook.info/tuesday-travels-travel-photos-hongkong/

  10. The place looks so inviting and I would love to be in those colorful boats. :D

    Here's visiting late for TT and WW.

    Enjoy the weekend sis!

  11. Wow! very nice photos te Ruth!

  12. Never gone to HK yet but definitely looking forward:)

    Visiting from WW!! Hope you can visit em too..



  13. very beautiful harbor, loved it Sis :-) Thank you for sharing HongKong with us, very beautiful pictures. Dropping some love for Tuesday Travels, hope that you can return the favor too.


  14. beautiful HongKong, like the ship and the water. I am sure it is fun to ride o=in the ship too :-) Thank you for sharing HongKong with us Sis. Dropping some love for Wednesday Whites hope that you can return the favor too.


  15. Hi te Ruth! Love your photos! We should go to HK for a shopping spree!! haha.. one day, one day!! thanks for joining Wed. Whites, te!

  16. Hongkong oh Hongkong! I hope I can step foot on you someday! Lol.

    Great snaps shared sis! Love it! :)

    Late TT visit! See you again this week! :)

    Oh, Chicago!

  17. My sister works in HK and she keeps inviting us to visit her. But time and money aren't too friendly to us! Lol.

    I'm here for my late WW rounds. I hope you don't mind! :)

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