Let's Fly from Bangkok to Dhaka

 Welcome to Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. It's one of the biggest airport in the world. what you see in the photo is just one part which I took on my way to the waiting area.

 Let's fly Thai Airways. It's the official carrier of the kingdom of Thailand. It's should be the best!

 The waiting lounge is clean and spacious. You wouldn't mind coming early for the flight and wait a little while because it has free wifi computers and tv to entertain you while you wait.

With spacious leg room and personal entertainment, time on the air flies fast!

I suggest you order lamb set meal! That would be the best part of the flight.

Thai Airways flight attendants do their job with a smile.

   Take your tea or coffee while filling up your arrival form. Before you finish the form, you're almost there!

 Ahh, love that window view of water, land, and structures! 

 This is Dhaka's new town, Uttara. Bangladesh is the 7th highest population in the world with 153 million people.
 Each person has his own dream. With 153 million people, no wonder why Bangladesh is a nation full of dreams.

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport at night.

I hope you enjoyed your flight!

Skywatch Friday