The Best Roti In Bangladesh

 Last week, while in Bangladesh, my friends and I went on a 16-hour road trip. It was quite a tiring trip on a dusty dirt road but the meal stops were great treats.

For breakfast, we stopped by this food shop where they make different kinds of roti.

We all had "tundol" and dal chicken. Ahh, the freshness of bread from the stone oven!
Roti is a South Asian bread made from stoneground wholemeal flour. In Central Asia it is called "nan" or "nang". This particular roti we had is locally called "tundol".

We couldn't leave the country without having another round of "tundol" so we went to this shop where we watched how it was done. See the roti  stuck against the wall of this special oven?



  1. I like the crispy kind like that one. I think I had one in Laos where they called it Nan. Visiting from Food Trip Friday!

    The Twerp and I

  2. That is one great road and food trips rolled into one!

    Hopping from Food Trip Friday.