Sunrise In Bangladesh

We drove fast at sunrise from Dinajpur to Khulna and it was then that I saw the most beautiful sunrise above the misty green fields. It looked like a fiery red ball that was within my reach. So the country's emblem made more sense to me after then.

My camera worked hard but it didn't do justice to what my naked eyes have seen.



  1. sunrise is all i needed to get that dose of energies throughout the day.

  2. Great shots! I haven't taken pictures of sun rising or setting. I would really like to do that pag may natyempuhan.

  3. ooh, what a beautiful picture, that is just to show that there is always hope for a better day.

    thanks for sharing and hope to see you again on green monday. ooh, i also hope you can send me a postcard from there. i would really love to receive one if that is not much for you :)