The Dream Park In Dinajpur

I didn't expect to reach as far as Dinajpur when I went to Bangladesh last week. I thought I would only be in Dhaka, the capital city. But on the same day I arrived in Dhaka, I was scheduled to fly to Khulna, and then take a 16-hour road trip to Dinajpur, north of Bangladesh. I was to speak at a women's conference there.

On the last day of the conference, we had a field-trip along with all the participants to a park which they called in English "Dream Park".

It's surreal to find myself in the place which never came to mind even in my wildest dream. God, indeed, has many surprises!

The lady in green took me there. She was my classmate in a graduate class ten years ago. She invited our teacher to speak at the conference she organized. My teacher shared  the speaking load with me. That's how it all happened. Just like in a dream....


  1. wow nice photos te!up to now I am still amazed at the photos you showed me last night!

  2. Such exquisite captures and incredible reflections! It does indeed look like a dream come true! Thank you for sharing the beauty!


  3. Lovely photos of a beautiful park!

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